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Dardenne Prairie approves agreement for special imagery

During a Dec. 4 meeting, the Dardenne Prairie Board of Aldermen unanimously approved an agreement for the city to participate with other local governmental entities to share the costs of technology for “ortho and oblique imagery from pictometry” [special aerial photography].

According to City Engineer Luke Kehoe, the new technology allows for more effective use of aerial photography by taking and photos from a straight-down view, plus sideways or oblique views, and then combining all the imagines. The result would allow users to use the images and other software to view a building or geographical landmark from several different angles. The software “flattens” straight-down views to remove the photo-distorting curvature of the Earth, enabling more accurate measurements of buildings, bridges, houses, creeks and lakes. It also provides an increase in image resolution.

The St. Charles County Assessor’s Office is bearing most of the cost of this technology. Cities who choose to participate only pay a fraction of the cost. Dardenne Prairie will pay $2,080 per year and will receive resulting photos annually. The most recent photos available prior to this are from 2015 and had been three to four years old in the past.

The current list of participating cities includes Dardenne Prairie, O’Fallon, St. Peters, Wentzville, Lake St. Louis, Weldon Spring, Cottleville and the city of St. Charles.

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