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SCC child center cited for excellence

Several children enjoy a craft together at the St. Charles Community College Child Development Center. [SCC photo]


On Sept. 24, the St. Charles Community College [SCC] Child Development Center achieved recognition of excellence through Missouri Accreditation. The center was credited for its exemplary program offerings for children and their families.

The Missouri Accreditation of Programs for Children and Youth provides standards for programs that promote quality care and education programs for children across the state of Missouri. 

Originally founded in January 1996, the SCC Child Development Center is recognized today as a demonstration school for the National Center for Project Construct. The center also collaborates with area agencies such as Youth In Need, Early Head Start and the Division of Family Services.

“Since 1998, the SCC Child Development Center has been proud to receive accreditation from this organization,” Katie Mawer, interim director of the child development center, said. “Every day we strive to understand the uniqueness of each child by providing a developmentally appropriate, child-directed learning environment.”

The Missouri Accreditation review team listed strengths of the SCC Child Development Center in several different categories. The official report noted the staff interacted with children in a gentle and supportive manner and noted children were “encouraged to be actively involved in play opportunities that stimulated sensory awareness, cognitive development and mastery of their environment.”

The classrooms were described as “clean, well-lit, with exits easily available” and the separate outdoor play areas were “accessible for each age group which included music, blocks, outdoor kitchen, an art area and a garden area.”

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