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Winning at recycling in St. Peters


[City of St. Peters photo]

During the opening ceremony at the Nov. 14 regular Board of Aldermen meeting in St. Peters, Alderman Joyce Townsend [Ward 1] gave a presentation on the success of the city’s Blue Cart Crew Recycling Program, which has promoted a dual-stream recycling program for St. Peters residents while simultaneously working to lower trash costs.

The city’s Blue Cart Crew program calls for residents to separate recyclable items into two blue bags: one for paper goods and the other for containers. By doing so, the city can better sort these recyclables to sell on the open market. This helps offset trash and recycling service costs.  

“Since the program started, the amount of clean recycled material has increased by an average of 10 tons per month,” Townsend said. “The saving in only distributing blue bags to the registered recycling households helps to keep our residents’ overall soiled waste cost down.”

Townsend added that over half of the households in the city are currently registered with the program.

Townsend is also the aldermanic liaison for the St. Peters Green Team, a group of local residents and stakeholders tasked with advising St. Peters elected officials and staff on energy and environmental issues and helping to educate the community on the use of natural resources, new recycling opportunities, and other environmental matters.

Due to the program’s popularity, the city is currently expecting another delivery of Blue Carts in March 2020.

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