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Dardenne Prairie proposes $4.97 million budget for 2020

Dardenne Prairie
Dardenne Prairie City Hall

At the Nov. 20 Board of Aldermen workshop session, the latest draft version of the proposed 2020 budget of $4,977,042, including Capital Improvement Projects [CIP], faced discussion and another round of revisions.

The 2019 equivalent budget was $5,022,723, including CIP costs.

Bill No. 19-46, sponsored by Mayor David Zucker, would approve the proposed 2020 budget. The bill previously received its first reading at the Nov. 6 Board of Aldermen meeting.  At the recent Nov. 20 meeting, Bill No. 19-46 was tabled by acclimation until the board’s next scheduled meeting on Dec. 4, at which time a second reading and roll call vote for potential passage is scheduled.  The schedule offered the board additional time to review the latest draft.

The currently proposed draft budget includes $4,736,266 in total revenue, $3,723,232 in total expense, plus CIP of $1,253,810, for grand total outlays of $4,977,042. All totals are subject to revisions between now and Dec. 4. 

If those amounts stand, the deficit of $250,292 will be paid from Reserves in the General Fund and CIP Fund.

Reserves as of Jan.1, 2020 are estimated to total $6,075,000. That includes $4,021,000 in the General Fund, $373,122 in the Special Revenue Fund, $484,030 in the Capital Improvements Sales Tax Fund, and $335,329 in the Parks & Storm Water Fund.

Major revenue sources include: General Sales Tax [1%] of about $1.2 million; Capital Improvement Sales Tax [0.5%] of about $600,000; Motor Fuel Tax of about $463,000; Property Tax [10.54 cents per $100 of assessed valuation] of about $319,000; Road & Bridge Tax of about $275,000; Municipal Court Fines of about $175,000; the Parks & Storm Water Sales Tax [0.05%] of about $600,000, and miscellaneous revenue of about $1 million.

Major expenditures, excluding capital improvements include: Debt Service for about $806,000 [principal and interest on Certificates of Participation, partial rebate of general sales taxes to the Dardenne Towne Center Transportation Development District, and the Bryan Road Neighborhood Improvement District]; personnel costs for about $814,000; police department contracts for $333,501; and road maintenance contracts with St. Charles County for about $720,000.

The detailed draft budget has been posted in the Dardenne Prairie website www.dardenneprairie.org

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