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Dardenne Prairie approves police contract with St. Charles County

At the Nov. 20 Board of Aldermen meeting in Dardenne Prairie, Bill No. 19-47 was approved by a vote of 6-0 to authorize a sixth intergovernmental law enforcement services agreement with St. Charles County for patrol services and enforcement of certain municipal ordinances related to police services.

The three-year agreement is the same as prior agreements with the exception of two new items. As part of the new partnership, the city agreed to participate in St. Charles County’s Regional Drug Task Force [DTF], which provides police officers to a multi-jurisdictional drug task force to combat drug activity within the county. It is a branch of the St. Charles County Police Department’s Bureau of Special Enforcement.

The city also agreed to adopt ordinances to prevent interference with the St. Charles County’s microwave dispatch system that states no building can be more than 80 feet tall. The height restriction is already enforced via city statutes.

The cost will be $330,501 for 2020, with negotiated increases for subsequent years.

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