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O’Fallon proposes $139 million budget for 2020

At the O’Fallon City Council meeting on Nov. 14, Mayor Bill Hennessy sponsored Bill No. 7143 covering the city’s proposed $139 million budget for 2020. the bill was given a public hearing and first reading at the meeting.

There will not be a second council meeting in November [the 4th Thursday is the Thanksgiving holiday], and there will not be a second council meeting in December [the 4th Thursday is Dec. 26, during the Christmas holiday period], so the second reading and vote for final passage must be conducted at the city’s next council meeting on Dec. 12.

Resulting from budget workshops conducted on Oct. 14 and Oct. 17, the proposed budget consists of 18 different funds with anticipated revenues of $138,715,737 and planned expenditures totaling $139,001,962 [including transfers]. The budget reflects the direction provided to city staff along with goals identified in the city’s Strategic Plan. There were no revisions made to the budget as presented by city staff at the workshops. The 2019 approved budget was $133,485,983 [including transfers], meaning that the proposed 2020 amount would be an increase of $5,515,979 or 4.1% over 2019.

The proposed budget includes a fund for each major category [amounts rounded]: $37.2 million for the general fund, $37.1 million for sewer services, $24.6 million for street and road improvements, $11.1 million for water services, $7.2 million for recreation, $5.4 million for capital expenditures, $5.3 million for environmental services, $4.2 million for debt service, $2.5 million for the Renaud Spirit Center, $2.2 million for storm water, $867,000 for the Transient Guest Tax, $793,000 for the Sewer Lateral Insurance, $298,000 for Community Development Block Grant [CDBG] funding, $45,000 for inmate security, and $30,000 for police training.

Bill No. 7144 for the 2020 Capital Improvement Program of $127.8 million is following the same process and timing as the budget bill.

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