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O’Fallon updates building permit fees

The city of O’Fallon has updated building permit fees for the first time since 2006 in order to recover costs and to simplify fee calculations.

The city council recently examined Bill No. 7141, sponsored by O’Fallon Mayor Bill Hennessy, amending Chapter 500 of the city’s municipal code covering fees for permits, plan reviews, and services associated with the administration of certain technical codes. 

At the regular council meeting held on Nov. 14, the bill was given a second reading and then was approved by a vote of 10-0.

The last comprehensive review of permit fees was done in 2006. Thirteen years later, fees are no longer adequate to cover current city staff costs. The new bill includes a new fee structure including simplification, equity and cost recovery based on current conditions.

Regarding building permits, the new fee structure states that fees for building permits and plan reviews for all new commercial and residential construction, including new additions to commercial and residential construction, will be calculated by multiplying the applicable cost of construction by a factor of .0065. 

Minimum fees include:

  • $25 for fences and similar barriers.
  • $50 for sheds, gazeboes, residential furnace/air conditioners, residential water heaters and temporary pools.
  • $75 for mechanical, electrical, plumbing or sewer installation and repairs; water service; lawn sprinklers; retaining walls; decks; patio covers; pavilions; above-ground pools; hot tubs; mobile homes and solar panels.
  • $100 for demolitions, decks with covers, finished basements, in-ground pools, residential remodels, flag poles over 35 feet, commercial fire suppression systems, communication tower antennae installation and miscellaneous construction not defined elsewhere.
  • $150 for barns, detached garages, miscellaneous buildings, room additions, commercial repairs, commercial tenant finishes, temporary structures and tents.
  • $250 for new commercial buildings, commercial additions, communications towers, detached single-family units, attached single-family units, multi-family residential units and modular homes.

If an applicant cancels or abandons an application for a building permit for any reason prior to a permit being issued, a minimum charge will be collected for administrative processing. That charge will be $25, or 20% of the permit fee, whichever is greater.

The new rental occupancy permit fees are $75 for single-family or $50 per unit for multi-family.

The new fee structure includes special discount provisions for “Master Plans” covering new residential construction.

All fees must be paid in full prior to the issuance of the relevant permit.

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