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Students raise money with annual Walk-a-Thon

Pheasant Point Elementary students participate in the annual Walk-a-Thon [Pheasant Point Elementary photo]

Pheasant Point Elementary provides a program where students aren’t required to sell products, but can use physical activity as a means to promote school spirit. The Walk-a-Thon program serves as the school’s largest annual fundraiser.

For two weeks before the walk, the students raised money and were encouraged by various incentives to meet a variety of goals. This year, students were able to earn sports-related prizes, including permission to watch sports videos at lunch, extra recess and additional time to color and play with bubbles outdoors.

On the day of the Walk-a-Thon, each grade level walked or ran several laps around the event course. In total, Pheasant Point raised over $20,000. The top earners won prizes such as being honorary principal or vice principal for the day, having the gym and/or playground named after them for the year, having a pizza party, or selecting a book from the book cart. Pheasant Point also received donations from local businesses, allowing the students to enjoy hands-on family activities outside of school.

“The kids set goals, create videos, practice talking to adults, practice eye contact, and are able to ask for something that will help their environment,” PTO president Erica Powers said of the Walk-a-Thon. “These skills will only help them as they grow and become part of society. They also see that exercise is fun and part of good healthy life choices.”

The Walk-a-Thon has allowed the Pheasant Point PTO to provide support and enhancements to the school with 100% of its profits staying at the school. Over the past few years, the school has raised over $70,000 in total, which has gone toward purchases of projectors, dual screens, iPads to use with smart boards, a Chromebook cart, playground equipment, STEAM room furniture, document cameras, soccer goals and various other items.

“We have amazing students, staff, group of teachers and administration,” Powers said. “We all work together with the common goal of enhancing the learning environment of our students. We aim to advance technology, emotional awareness and leadership. The kids love it, the teachers love it and the parents love it!”

Funds raised also go toward funding the annual PTO budget, which helps to support teachers, student clubs, fifth-grade camp, spelling and geography bees, the science fair, DARE programming and other PTO family events like the Back-to-School Bash and Family Trivia Night.

One of Pheasant Point’s goals for 2019 is to enhance the school’s outdoor classroom.

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