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Francis Howell students learn vehicle maintenance

Francis Howell High students learn basic lessons about vehicle maintenance from Len’s Auto Repair. [FHSD photo]Len’s Auto Repair

The Francis Howell School District wants to better prepare its students for the future. A group of Francis Howell High students recently took part in a Real World Wednesday event that set out to inform students about the fundamentals of vehicle maintenance. Employees from Len’s Auto Repair were invited to the school to teach the students a variety of skills, including how to check tire pressure, change a spare tire and jump-start a car.

“Vehicle maintenance is kind of a lost art,” Greg Mertz, an employee at Len’s Auto Repair, said. “Twenty-five years ago, kids were taught how to change tires by their parents, but that generally doesn’t happen anymore.”

During the lesson, students had the opportunity to look under the hood of the car and ask questions. Mertz and his coworker explained different parts of a vehicle and how to fix them. Students also learned where spare tire and tools are located inside their vehicles in case they need to change a flat tire.

“You may be in a place where you have no cell service and you can’t get help,” Susan Robinson, library media specialist at Francis Howell High, said. “I want to make sure they are prepared for those situations.”

Student Shaena Billups appreciated the class and said the lessons learned could save her in an emergency one day.

“These are skills that you can easily do at home rather than going straight to a shop and paying someone,” Billups said.

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