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Letter to the Editor: Responding to ‘Intolerance in academia’

I am glad that common sense still exists somewhere in regard to why there is inequality in testing. Mr. Williams so aptly pointed out that it is very difficult to pass an exam whether it is to enter law enforcement training or any other post-secondary training if a student cannot read or write or exhibit basic math skills [Oct. 23].

I also wonder why no one demands better? Lowering the bar will not get better officers or any kind of skilled employee no matter the industry. Who wants a nurse who can’t read doctor’s orders, or a guy who comes to work on your concrete and cannot calculate yards of concrete needed for your driveway?

I am a food service manager, and everyone needs to read recipes and do simple math. When you bring a child into this world, you owe it to them and their future to make sure they have the skills they need then work with their school to get great results that lead to gainful employment. Getting a diploma is different than earning a diploma.

Inger Clark

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