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Letter to the Editor: An entrepreneurial mindset is critical for our future

Entrepreneurship is an essential element of American free enterprise, and I was very pleased to read the great news story about this in a recent edition of this paper. Our community really is rallying around our youth in many ways.

We believe an entrepreneurial mindset is imperative for our students at Lindenwood University. Our mission statement reflects this: Real Experience-Real Success. The Duree Center for Entrepreneurship, in the Hammond Institute at Lindenwood, encourages everyone to discover how an entrepreneurial mindset enables anyone to succeed.

In my opinion, entrepreneurship is woven into the very fabric of our lives as Americans. It is the pioneering-spirit which has been the main ingredient for America’s success.

Business schools across the world, including The Plaster School of Business & Entrepreneurship at Lindenwood, are offering degrees and experiences in entrepreneurship.


Our youth are demanding we provide them the necessary skills for the incredible pivots they will need to make during their working lives. Career pivots older generations rarely had to consider.

Our children, are saying, “Teach me, experientially, how to succeed in this fast-changing world.”

There are many promising programs and efforts happening at high schools and colleges. I also see policy-makers, lawmakers, economic developers, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and local chambers, working with foundations and researchers to make a difference in this area.

The Duree Center for Entrepreneurship invites you to join in the effort. You can contact me at cfelzien1@lindenwood.edu. Let’s discuss how your time, talent, and treasure can make more things possible for our youth.

Also, please plan to attend events celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week in November, with details on our website and ads in this publication. We are bringing in some real “thought-leaders” on the subject of entrepreneurship.    

I believe we have a collective “Call to Action” to meet the current needs of our youth.

Our future depends on it.   

Craig Felzien, director

The Duree Center

for Entrepreneurship

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