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Letter to the Editor: False gun rhetoric

With all of the hoopla that the Democratic Party candidates have espoused in the last few weeks in regard to mass shootings, there needs to be a light shone on what is true and what [are] just falsehoods.

Tragically, people have been shot in numerous cities and in different settings. Most recently, Odessa, Midland and El Paso, Texas; and Dayton, Ohio. This has only enabled these liberal candidates to step up onto the soapbox to preach how the United States needs to eliminate all weaponry from the citizens, ignoring the Second Amendment. Some even want to confiscate your guns.

How do they express their hatred of weapons? They invent stories about how the United States is the only country that allows gun ownership. With a little bit of investigation, which they do not attempt to do, you can find other countries that do allow [or have allowed] gun ownership.

Take Brazil as an example. Up until 2003, Brazilians were allowed to own all types of guns, until the left-wing President Lula da Silva signed legislation known as the “Disarmament Statue.”  Over 64% of the population were vehemently against this new legislation. The government ignored the push-back from the populous and restricted sales of weapons. Not only did this put gun retailers out of business, but the increase of firearm crimes increased.    

During the first year when the law was enacted, the amount of homicides sat at an unreal level of 36,000. After the law went into effect, the rate of homicides increased over a period of 14 years to over 47,000 [2017]. This speaks to the mantra of “When you take the guns from law abiding citizens, the only ones with guns are the criminals.”

The state will become the mediator of our civil rights and keep us from defending ourselves. Does our country own more guns than other developed countries?

The answer is yes, but looking into what other countries who have a large gun ownership might surprise you. Maybe the Democratic candidates would benefit by opening up their laptop, seek correct information and then stop the false rhetoric about our given rights.

Michael Sargent

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