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O’Fallon amends medical marijuana facility distance restrictions

The O’Fallon City Council has approved amended distance restrictions included in its original medical marijuana ordinance that was previously approved on March 28, 2019.

Earlier this year, Bill No. 7077 amended the city’s zoning code to establish a medical marijuana land use within O’Fallon. The defined land use included a specific restriction for a minimum 750-foot distance between any type of medical marijuana facility and schools, churches and child day care centers. It also included a restriction of a 1,500-foot minimum distance between medical marijuana facilities.

The latest amendment came before the council on Sept. 26 with Bill No. 7124, sponsored by Council Member Rose Mack [Ward 2]. The bill amended the 1,500-foot restriction so that the buffer only applies to identical facility uses.

For example, a cultivation facility would have a 1,500-foot buffer between it and another cultivation facility, but a dispensary or testing facility would not be bound by the buffer and could locate within that area. Medical marijuana-related uses under the same ownership and on the same property are exempt from this requirement.

The bill passed Sept. 26 with a council vote of 9-0. Council member Jim Ottomeyer [Ward 4] was excused from the vote.

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