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The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis

After experiencing a stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury or other life-changing event, your doctor may recommend rehabilitation as the next stop on your journey to recovery.

Where you choose to complete this rehabilitation makes a difference, and at The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis, they know that understanding the differences in the care settings and providers available to you can be overwhelming.

The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis is an inpatient rehabilitation hospital that offers comprehensive rehabilitation services designed to help patients return to leading active and independent lives. Serving patients overcoming a variety of debilitating illnesses and injuries, the hospital develops customized care plans incorporating physical, occupational and speech therapies.

The right track for rehabilitation is the one that best fits your unique needs, and gives you the greatest chance at a successful return to independence and your community. On average, patients spend approximately two weeks under the hospital’s care, and during that time the staff develops relationships with patients to better help them reach their personal goals. This means the staff at the Rehabilitation Center of St. Louis can help you learn more about rehabilitation during the decision-making process and find the provider that best meets the needs of you or your loved one.

At The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis, rehabilitation is what they do, and the difference is clear.

Not all types of therapy are the same, and at The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis, a combination of physical, speech and occupational therapists make up an interdisciplinary team that is experienced in providing rehabilitation for many conditions including stroke, spinal cord, amputee, neurological and more.

They also offer care from specialty neurologists, pulmonologists, trauma surgeons and nephrologists. Many of the physical therapists have achieved a Neurologic Certified Specialist licensure, a prestigious distinction for those who have completed over 2,000 hours of neurologic clinical practice while working with individuals with neurologic dysfunction. In addition to caring for orthopedic, cardiac and oncology diagnoses, the hospital has specialized inpatient programs for stroke, brain injury, amputee and spinal cord patients.

The small activities that make up everyday life can be the some of the most important, and the institute’s functional approach to therapy aims to help patients feel more confident in their return to the community and achieve the greatest possible outcomes.

A rehabilitation hospital is different from a nursing home. At an inpatient rehabilitation hospital, patients typically receive at least three hours of therapy five days per week. A skilled nursing facility typically offers one to two hours per day. Beyond receiving at least 15 hours of intensive therapy a week, patients at The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis can expect 24-hour registered nursing care, regular visits from independent practice physicians* and nutritional counseling.

According to the adult stroke rehabilitation guidelines released by the American Heart Association**, whenever possible, stroke patients should be treated at an in-patient rehabilitation facility rather than a skilled nursing facility.

When it comes to finding the best rehabilitation services, be sure to understand the differences in your rehabilitation options and the results of each provider.

The institute recommends comparing the years of service, specialty programs, patient satisfaction, national clinical ratings and patient clinical outcomes among facilities.

For more information on selecting care and the results that set The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis apart from the competition, visit them online at www.rehabinstitutestl.com or call the St. Peters location at (636) 317-4000 or their Central West End location at (314) 658-3800.

*The hospital provides access to independent private practice physicians.

** Source: American Heart Association, Inc.

10 Hospital Drive • St. Peters • (636) 317-4000

4455 Duncan Ave. • Central West End • (314) 658-3800 www.rehabinstitutestl.com

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