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Senior represents school, students at board meeting

Bofua Kume [center] with Francis Howell School District’s Board of Education. [FHSD photo]

The Francis Howell School District’s Board of Education welcomed Howell High senior Bofua Kume as the student representative at its September meeting.

Kume is known for his extracurricular involvement and academic accomplishments, including taking classes in advanced placement art history and French, as well as business marketing and statistics. Outside of the classroom, he is involved in several clubs and serves on the principal’s advisory committee. He also serves on the district-wide high school advisory board, which consists of three students from each high school and meets regularly with the superintendent.

While Kume is proactive when it comes to school, he also has experienced education in other countries. He spent eighth, ninth and tenth grade in Cameroon, South Africa, with his family while his mother pursued a medical degree. There, Kume served as the freshman and sophomore class president. He also served as the diversity awareness club president during his junior year at Howell High. While serving in his leadership role at Howell, Kume was recognized for his empathy and patience by both his peers and school staff.

“Bo certainly has demonstrated great leadership in his short time at [Francis Howell High],” Principal Dave Wedlock said. “As a principal, I am proud to share his high school experiences.”

Kume plans to attend Howard University to double major in marketing and business administration and minor in French.

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