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Letter to the Editor: Trash can etiquette

I firmly support our city’s effort to supply each household with an optional way to recycle, eliminate yard waste and trash in general. However, I wish more people realized that these dumpsters do not beautify the front of our houses.

Many of my neighbors have placed the dumpsters behind a tree or small fence next to their garages. This increases the roadside appearance and makes things look neater and cleaner. Sadly, however, most let them sit in the grass, or even worse, right in front of their garage doors. Maybe if the dumpsters were not in the way they could actually park their cars in the garage.

The worst one puts the ‘blue’ recycle dumpster right on the front porch next to the front door. It is not a decoration. “Welcome to my house. As you can see I recycle.”

This is one more thing that is making this 30-plus-year-old neighborhood look dated and unkept. Drive through your neighborhood and check it out. Your dumpster shouldn’t be the centerpiece of your landscaping.

Jerrie Edler

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