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Spiro’s: Where taste and tradition unite

Tableside service at Spiro's

Tableside service is just one of the traditions that keeps customers returning to Spiro’s in Chesterfield and St. Charles.

Tradition is trending. Just ask Tim Karagiannis of Spiro’s Chesterfield, who advises diners to “make tradition the new trend.”

Spiro’s rich history and style is a tradition of the Karagiannis family, legendary local restaurateurs who built their reputation by serving the finest Mediterranean cuisine, pastas, steaks and seafood.

Spiro’s got its start in 1975 with its original North St. Louis  County location. Today, brothers Tim and Steve Karagiannis continue to offer traditional and remastered Mediterranean cuisine at locations in Chesterfield and St. Charles.

“Every restaurant has its niche. Ours is our tradition. We haven’t changed because people like the tradition of Spiro’s and having us as a part of their family traditions; coming in for family celebrations and special occasions,” Karagiannis  said. “We have customers that came in when they were kids and now have kids who bring in their kids.”

Generation after generation, along with new customers, come back because they can count on getting a great meal at an affordable price. Plus the service – make that tableside service – is unparalleled.

Almost a lost art, tableside service is a tradition that has made Spiro’s a standout destination since it opened in 1981. It involves rolling carts that arrive tableside to toss salads, flambé appetizers and sear steaks. Burners also are used to give plates a final warming touch before serving, a finishing touch overlooked at the majority of restaurants today. That level of tender loving care creates truly memorable dining experiences, especially if its Saganaki [fried Kasseri cheese] that’s dramatically flambéd tableside, complete with a rousing shout of “Opa!”

But the No. 1 tradition that has endeared Spiro’s to its loyal customer base is its menu diversity.

“Take a look at our menu. There are three pages of items. You’ll find something that will suit you that includes our classics and reimagined items that we give a little twist,” Karagiannis said. “Lately, we’ve been doing more items from the Mediterranean coast like Salt Bronzini, a light flaky fish that’s caught in the Aegean Sea. It’s hard to get in St. Louis,  but when it’s available out of Chicago, we bring it in as a special.”

Specials vie for attention every day alongside signature dishes such as Grecian-style Rack of Lamb, Steak Krasato, Dover Sole and Spiro’s’ famous Athenian Broil – a steak draped with cognac sauce and feta cheese. The Athenian Broil elevates steak into a delight for the Gods or any mortal gourmand. 

Lighter options also can be found on the menu, many of which are prepared with a special Greek olive oil Karagiannis imports direct from Sparta, where it is produced from olive groves with trees that are over 600 years old.

Tradition at Spiros also translates into a promise to provide customers with dishes made with the best imported and domestic ingredients. After all, cooking with the best yields the best dishes, which entices guests to relax and enjoy.

“Everything is quick gratification today,” Karagiannis said. “With companies like Uber Eats and DoorDash, fine dining gets packed in a plastic container and driven to your  house by some guy you don’t know and who doesn’t work for the restaurant. Here, you can come in and relax and enjoy a fine dining meal with family and friends. There aren’t too many places that have tablecloths where you can spend less than $30 for a meal that includes a glass of wine.

“Our tradition can be seen on the center of the plate and the through the service we give to our customers – customers that have made Spiro’s their tradition generation after generation.”


1054 N. Woods Mill Road • Chesterfield • (314) 878-4449 • www.spiros-restaurant.com Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Monday-Friday; 4-10 p.m., Saturday; 4-9 p.m. , Sunday

2275 Bluestone Drive • St. Charles • (636) 916-1454 • www.spiros-restaurant.com Hours: 4-10 p.m., Tuesday-Saturday; closed on Sunday and Monday

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