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O’Fallon revises police pay plan

At the Aug. 22 O’Fallon City Council workshop, City Administrator Mike Snowden briefed the council about the revised Police Pay Plan that will be effective through Dec. 31, 2020.

The revised plan was included in the recent Memorandums of Understanding [MOUs] with the O’Fallon Police Supervisors Association and the O’Fallon Police Officers Association and will be incorporated into the 2020 budget.  The implementation costs will be $27,057 for 2019 and $133,416 for 2020. The council was in agreement with the plan that was presented but will take a formal vote as part of the budget process later this year.

Minimum compensation and maximum compensation ranges have been adjusted for all police titles and levels, based on evaluations of current O’Fallon ranges versus other comparable cities in metro St. Charles and St. Louis and in Missouri, based on population and other relevant factors.

O'Fallon Police compensation plan

O’Fallon Police compensation plan

Going forward, O’Fallon’s existing step plan will be adjusted to ensure that it stays in line with the comparable communities. When a new officer is hired, they are placed on the step plan based on his or her previous experience. Each year, the officer progresses up to the next step based on a successful review. The step plan includes 12 steps creating the salary range for the position. Long-time employees who reach the top of the range continue with the same salary in future years.

Plans also call for O’Fallon employees to transition to having all city employees having the same evaluation date of Jan. 1. If these plans are implemented, beginning January 2021, all employees will receive annual increases on the first pay period in January each year, if warranted and approved by the city council.  All increases will be based on an acceptable evaluation.

Based on staff recommendations, all city pay ranges will be evaluated every two years, to ensure the city’s pay-plans are market-driven and timely. The next compensation study will be done in summer/fall 2021 for a Jan. 1, 2022, implementation date and then every two years thereafter.

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