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O’Fallon sign regulation changes approved

O’Fallon Bill No. 7114 sponsored by Council Member Rose Mack [Ward 2] loosens two existing sign regulation sections and tightens one, as recommended by the city planning department. At the Aug. 22 council meeting, the bill was approved by a vote of 9 to 0. Ward 5 Council Member Debbie Cook was excused.

Regulation changes include:

• Wall signs on a façade fronting residential property may be approved by the planning director when it is determined a sufficient distance or buffer is in place. Only non-illuminated signs will be permitted.

• Two additional auxiliary signs will be allowed for businesses with more than one drive-through service lane.

• A fall line setback of 25 feet instead of 15 feet will be created once a billboard has been installed, then no new structures will be allowed within that fall line.

This action follows a public hearing and first reading at the Aug. 8 council meeting.

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