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Editorial: The good and the Battlehawks

A story from our neck of the woods made national news last week, and for once it wasn’t about crime rates or political corruption. This story was about a 5-year old boy’s first day of kindergarten in the Rockwood School District. Carmine Matteline has autism. The week before school started, Carmine’s father Andy – a Woodson Terrace police officer – had surgery for esophageal and stomach cancer. All thought that Andy would be confined to the hospital and unable to walk Carmine to his first day of school. However, more than 20 police officers representing nine different departments decided they needed to let Carmine know he was not alone. The officers all showed up to walk the boy into school. Little did any of them know that Andy had been given special permission by the hospital to join his son that day. What a scene! Carmine, joined by his father and his mother, was escorted into school by some two dozen local officers. You can bet he knew he was not alone. Kudos to the police departments and hospital staff that made this happen. Best wishes to Carmine in the upcoming school year and to Andy on a speedy recovery. • • • At long last, St. Louis has its Major League Soccer team. Last week, the MLS announced that come 2022, St. Louis will be a three-sport town again. This one felt good, and even those who have not been converted [yet] as fans of the beautiful sport were excited for the metro area. It is hard to imagine a more pronounced “yin” to Stan Kroenke’s “yang” than Carolyn Kindle Betz. Kindle Betz spearheaded the ownership group that consists of two of the area’s most philanthropic and loyal families – the Taylors and the Kavanaughs. The fact that the group is the first majority-female ownership group to launch a major sports franchise is just icing on the cake. The Blues are Stanley Cup champions, the Cardinals are battling for first place, and we got our soccer team. Quite a year for St. Louis sports. • • • Plus, we are getting a professional football team again! Wow, this is amazing. The XFL, brainchild of professional wrestling impresario Vince McMahon, announced the names and logos for the inaugural eight teams in the league. And we are proud to introduce to you the St. Louis … BattleHawks? What in the wide, wide world of sports is that about? It pays homage to our town’s proud aviation history, they say. OK. Also to our former basketball team, the Hawks. Sure. And did nobody notice that this name bears a striking resemblance to our hated hockey rival to the north, the Blackhawks? And even if it didn’t, that it is still super cartoonish? Oh well, the week’s good news far outweighs a really, really silly name. Plus the logo is pretty cool.
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