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Letter to the Editor: Turtle Creek could be a pioneer

Recently, the golf practice facility at Turtle Creek was being considered for redevelopment as 182 rental units. The proposed plan faced opposition from home owners in the area. I have a suggestion which might interest all involved.

The St. Louis area does not seem to have many, if any, 55-plus communities that are affordable for all income levels. The area in Turtle Creek could be a pioneer in providing such a facility utilizing the golf practice facility. It would not be detrimental to the home owners in the area, as the facility could/would provide a structured community for the 55-plus population by making it an affordable place to live, offering many options of things to do, swimming, crafting, card playing clubs, social events featuring musical entertainment, possibly theater playhouse, and on and on. The key of a community like this is to make it affordable.

In reality, it is a subdivision which would provide property tax income to the community as each individual home [unit] would be privately owned by people, not a corporation renting units to people, which typically leads to prices so high only elite populations can afford to live there. Look at the new units being built in St. Peters next to the post office on Mexico Road. The villas in that complex start at $5,000 per month, how many “common people” can afford that?

Also, the 55-plus population will not provide any students to the school district, as children would not be allowed to live in the community, yet the community would provide tax dollars to the district.

Just a thought.

Doug Kalusniak

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