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O’Fallon ballot order lotto approved

Bill No. 7115 sponsored by O’Fallon mayor Bill Hennessy establishing a lotto process for determining the order of candidate names appearing on the ballot was approved at the Aug. 22 City Council meeting by a vote of 9 to 0. Council member Debbie Cook was excused.

O’Fallon now joins many other Missouri cities in utilizing a lotto process for election ballot order of candidate names.

The lotto replaces the “line-up” process, where candidates lined up at the west entrance of city hall before the first day of filing; names were placed on the ballot depending on the order of filing from the line.  In the lotto process, candidate names will be drawn from a box to determine the ballot sequence.

Complying with state law, the lotto be used only for those candidates who file prior to 5 p.m. on the first day of filing, regardless of the time they filed.  After that first day, names will be added to the ballot in the date and time order the filings were received. Those names will be added to the ballot at the end of names chosen by lotto on day one.

The change will be effective for the city’s next municipal election scheduled for April 7, 2020.

This action follows a first reading of the bill at the Aug. 8 city council meeting.

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