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O’Fallon Council approves 2019-2020 police bargaining agreements

The O’Fallon City Council approved a Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] with the O’Fallon Police Supervisors Association [OPSA] and a separate MOU with the O’Fallon Police Officers Association [OPOA] at the Aug. 8 council meeting. Both agreements are effective immediately and run through Dec. 31, 2020. The agreements had already been ratified by the majority of OPSA and OPOA members and replace the ones that expired March 31, 2019.

According to City Administrator Mike Snowden, the MOU discussions went very smoothly. According to Snowden, the accompanying police pay plans will be submitted to the council for approval at its Aug. 22 meeting. He clarified that this is the first step in introducing a new pay plan for all city employees, which would become effective Jan. 1, 2020, pending council approval.

OPOA is the recognized bargaining unit of O’Fallon police officers except sergeants, lieutenants and command staff. OPSA is the recognized bargaining unit of O’Fallon police sergeants and lieutenants. Officers holding the rank of captain and above are not members of bargaining units.

The MOUs were approved by the city council by votes of 9 to 0. Council member Deana Smith recused herself from the discussion and votes.

Snowden said these new agreements are similar in structure to the previous agreements, but there were a series of minor changes.

The OPOA MOU now includes a minimum of five days for posting of open internal positions before the position can be filled; changes to language regarding the 401[a] match that the council agreed to leave at up to 2.5% for 2019 and 2020; changes in police officer pay levels [steps] that has the city dropping Step 1 in 2019 and Step 2 in 2020 and adding new steps for employees who have reached the top of the pay scale; and additional vacation time for employees who have been with the department for at least 17 years. The council also extended the additional vacation time to all city employees who have been with the city for 17 years.

The OPSA MOU includes adjustments to the payout of management vacation time for lieutenants; a change in the amount of shift differential that sergeants receive; adding new pay steps for topped-out employees; and the addition of the longevity vacation.

Both MOUs also detail employee benefits, employee and management rights, and responsibilities and disciplinary procedures. Additionally, the agreements designate the OPSA and OPOA as the respective bargaining groups for the members and prohibit strikes, work stoppages and lockouts.

The new police pay plan will be included as part of the 2020 budget and will not need a separate resolution. The impact on the 2019 budget is minimal, and those changes were covered by the MOU that was approved.

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