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Ehlmann shares brief ‘state of the county’

On Wednesday, July 29, County Executive Steve Ehlmann gave an oral report on the state of the county.  He pointed out the generally good news that unemployment in the county stands roughly at 2.4%, lower than the national average and that, contrary to St. Louis City and County, there is no “Delmar Divide”, meaning that there has been a fairly uniform rise in property values across the county and not confined to a certain geographical area.

Ehlmann used charts and graphs to show how housing values have risen over the last year. Owner occupancy of homes is very high, with rates of 64.3% in St. Charles City, 84.3% in Cottleville and 95% in Dardenne Prairie. He noted that population growth has been steady and manageable.

On the subject of crime in the county, Ehlmann noted that there is, of course, criminal activity in St. Charles County, just as there is everywhere else. However, he stressed that the crime rate is fairly low, and that it is widely diffused, resulting in no areas being considered unsafe within the county.

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