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Outdoor storage facility proposed along T.R. Hughes Boulevard

At its July 25 meeting, the O’Fallon City Council conducted a public comment session and a first reading of Bill 7109, which would grant a conditional use permit to Charlestown Crossing, LLC, for an outdoor storage facility on a tract of land along T.R. Hughes Boulevard near Tom Ginnever Avenue. The facility would be named Crossings Storage Lot.

The property is currently a vacant lot with no existing buildings. Notably, there are multiple Ameren transmission structures and electric power lines overhead. Ameren has placed severe restrictions on what can be placed safely on the property, drastically limiting development and making the property unattractive for most businesses.

The land is zoned C-2/PUD General Business District Planned Unit Development and I-1/PUD Light Industrial District Planned Unit Development.

Charlestown Crossing has proposed an outdoor storage parking lot with approximately 305 outdoor storage spaces for recreational vehicles, camping trailers and similar items. There will be two phases, assuming storage demand justifies. The first phase will have 139 spaces and the second phase will have 166 spaces. Perimeter spaces will be 12-feet-wide by 30-feet-long, and interior spaces will be 12-feet-wide by 40-feet-long. The storage lot will have a perimeter fence around the entire lot and will have two entrances accessible by keycard.

After a few public comments questioning why the property could not be used for something better, council member Deana Smith [Ward 1] reiterated the Ameren UE restrictions. O’Fallon Economic Development Director Patrick McKeehan said he believes an outdoor storage facility “is the highest and best use of this property.”

During its wrap-up, the council asked to have the initial bill revised to add stipulations regarding working and licensed vehicles and trailers, in order to avoid having junk parked there. The council also asked to have the proposed attractive front fencing extended across the full border of the property facing T.R. Hughes Boulevard beginning with Phase 1.  The applicant agreed. The second reading on Aug. 8 will be for Bill 7109.1, which will include those additions.

Location map for the outdoor storage facility proposed for TR Hughes Boulevard

Location map for the outdoor storage facility proposed for TR Hughes Boulevard


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