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O’Fallon approves first step toward new villa development

The record plat for Villas of Keaton Woods plat 1 was approved by the O’Fallon City Council on July 25.

Plat 1 will include 66 lots, with 50 single units and 16 with two attached units, for a total of 82 villas. The development will be accessed from a new street to be connected to Keaton Corporate Parkway, which is off south Hwy. K behind the Culver’s restaurant.

Bill No. 7108 to approve the plat was sponsored by council members Rose Mack and Tom “Duke” Herweck [both Ward 2].  After conducting the second reading, the council voted 7 to 0 to approve the bill. Three council members were excused from the meeting.

The next steps are for the developer to file an area plan containing more details about the property and villas and set up necessary escrow agreements with the city.  Both of those actions must be approved by the Planning and Zoning commission and city council.

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