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Clark takes over as athletic director at Lutheran St. Charles High

Jim Clark [Provided photo]

Jim Clark has been a fixture in the Lutheran St. Charles High athletic department for the past five years. This fall, he will start his sixth year at LSC. This time around it will be as the school’s athletic director.

Clark, who worked assistant athletic director the past five years, was a natural fit for the job when longtime athletic director Dr. Doug Kuhlmann resigned to take over as LSC’s assistant head of school.

Clark came to Lutheran in 2014 as a part-time math teacher after retiring from a 34-year career teaching in the St. Charles, Wentzville and Francis Howell school districts.

“I’ve been involved with Lutheran High and have been involved with the board of directors and have put in a lot of work scorekeeping and helping plan games, so when I retired from teaching full-time after 34 years, a part-time position at Lutheran was a good fit for me,” Clark said.

One of the big plusses that Clark brings into the job is his experience in having worked with Kuhlmann and the department to facilitate and implement the school’s new building project. That project includes a new larger gym, locker rooms, bathrooms, concession stands, an additional science lab and music and STEM classrooms.

The  27,970-square-foot building extension was dedicated in May.

“I have been very busy with that and it has been a major project for us,” Clark said.

Clark said that taking over in the spring allowed him time to transition into the AD role without much trouble. As the start of fall practice approaches, his biggest challenge is making sure all of the fall sports, especially football, have what they need to begin workouts on the right foot.

“The biggest challenge for the start of the school year is getting all of the fields ready and helping all of the coaches, especially football, so they can come to school and practice on Aug. 12,” Clark said. “So that we are ready to go on day one.”

Beyond this year, Clark is hoping to press forward with the work Kuhlmann did in his over 10 years at the helm to make all LSC teams competitive and successful on the field, the court and in the classroom.

“I just want to continue what Doug has done because he has really brought the school forward, and we’re really growing and we’ve added a number of sports over the last 10 years,” Clark said. “I just want to keep doing that. We are going to be over 400 kids next year, and I just want to do everything I can to make our programs grow and keep having the success we have now.”





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