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Safety regulations set for ice cream trucks

In a generally low-key and understated meeting on Monday, June 24, the St. Charles County Council undertook a measure to set and enforce safety regulations for ice cream trucks operating in the county.

The ice cream truck regulation, officially Bill No. 4736, was passed unanimously by the council, in a 7-0 vote. Passage of the bill was preceded by a touching and tearful plea from Lucia Carroll.

Accompanied by her husband, Andrew, and with their children and extended family in the audience, Carroll recounted the events of Sept. 16, 2018, when their child was killed in a tragic accident involving an ice cream truck. The family asked for additional safety regulations on ice cream vendors, as a way of trying to guarantee that such an accident will not take place in the future. The council members were visibly moved before the vote.

Specifically, the new regulations require ice cream trucks to be equipped with the following safety equipment, all of which must be fully operational while doing business within St. Charles County:

• a front passenger side-mounted wide-angle convex mirror.

• signage visible from the rear of the vehicle, which is a minimum of 1 square feet in size and states either “Caution” or “Watch for Children” with the lettering at least 3 inches tall.

• a reverse backup alarm capable of emitting a sound adequate in quantity and volume to give warning that the vehicle is about to back up.

• rear visibility for the operator by means of a rear-mounted mirror, obstacle detection sensor, or camera.

• front-mounted obstacle detection system capable of detecting obstacles within 3 feet of the vehicle’s front bumper.

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