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O’Fallon recognizes Junior Citizens Police Academy graduates

Junior Citizens Police Academy graduates [John Tremmel photo]

The O’Fallon City Council and Mayor Bill Hennessy recognized 24 graduates of the city’s 2019 Junior Citizens Police Academy [JCPA] on June 24.

The graduates comprised children and teenagers age 8 to 15 years. They completed a four-week program of basic instruction from O’Fallon police officers in the areas of patrol operations, call response, radio, inter-agency communication, fitness and nutrition, specialized law enforcement career paths, and mental health awareness and crisis response.

JCPA was created in 2018, to complement similar academies already being conducted for O’Fallon citizens and senior citizens. The intent is to teach younger citizens about real world law enforcement and help develop leaders for the future.

The graduates led the evening’s Pledge of Allegiance before council member Dr. Jim Ottomeyer [Ward 4] read a proclamation from the city.

“We are fortunate to have these young people already looking into ways to serve their community,”Ottomeyer said.  “These young men and women are the future of law enforcement.  We congratulate them and give them best wishes for continued success.”

All graduates received a copy of the proclamation at the ceremony.

O’Fallon police officer Jill Bloomfield, one of the instructors and leaders of the JCPA, along with police officer Scott Young also addressed the council, graduate and audience.

“We thank the parents for allowing their children to spend time with the O’Fallon Police Department to learn what we really do day to day, not the glamorous job you see on TV,” Bloomfield said. “They saw what goes on behind the scenes. We toured the station together and worked out together. They loved it, and had as much fun as officer Young and I did. I look forward to seeing them as leaders in our community some day.

The graduates included Cody Brown, Kennedy Brown, Jack Crane, Aidan DiMercurio, Colton DiMercurio,
Kember Drexler, Tyler Gilbreath, Cooper Gorham, Noah Greer, Samuel Greer, Xavier Helms, Elsie Hopkins James Lary, Ryan Lary, Raegan McDermott, Joe Mocca, Cody Nunnery, Reagan Quirk, Londyn Riley. MaKenna Riley, Catherine Ward, Joe Ward and Luke Welby.

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