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New subdivision approved off Wyndgate Ridge Drive

Wyndgate Meadows parcel – front view  [John Tremmel photo]

At its June 27 meeting, the O’Fallon City Council voted 9-0, with council member Tom “Duke” Herweck [Ward 2] excused, to pass a bill, approving Straqr Properties LLC’s final plan for Wyndgate Meadows.

The property is an undeveloped outlot of the previously approved Wyndgate subdivison final plan, which shows the property as a “church site.” The property is zoned R-1/PUD, which allows single family homes; thus, no rezoning needed.

Wyndgate Meadows contains 15.7 acres in total, within which will be 34 lots on two streets terminating in cul-de-sacs, 5.3 acres of common ground, and two retention and water quality areas. The 34 lots are in accordance with city code density requirements [an R-1 development this size could support 36 lots]. Its streets will be accessed from Wyndgate Ridge Drive. The developer will provide an internal walking trail through the common ground to connect the street’s sidewalks to the multipurpose trail.

The development will preserve a significant portion of the existing trees in their natural state, exceeding the tree preservation requirement by 15%. Thirty-six street trees will be provided.

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