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County opts out of tax holiday

The County Council approved a measure May 28 by a vote of 4-3 that would allow the county to opt out of the annual Back To School Sales Tax Holiday Aug. 7-9.

The tax holiday is an annual event promoted by the Missouri Taxation Division that allows certain items to be purchased sales-tax-free at participating retailers within the state. Additionally, municipalities and county governments often participate and waive local sale taxes for that weekend. However, both also have the option of adopting an ordinance prohibiting the annual sales tax holidays from applying to their local sales taxes.

The council had a spirited debate on the issue of participating or not with council member Dave Hammond [District 6] ridiculing the idea that consumers worry about paying sales taxes, and might drive to St. Louis County to avoid them. Council member Joe Cronin [District 1], on the other hand, insisted that people would cross county lines to avoid taxes, because he did this himself when he had children living at home.

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