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Letter to the Editor: Liberty must be diligently guarded

Last night, I watched yet another episode of prime minister’s questions from the British Parliament. We are approaching the third anniversary of the Brexit referendum, in which a narrow majority of the British people voted to extricate the United Kingdom from the European Union. And yet, almost three years later, they still find themselves bound like Br’er Rabbit with the Tar-Baby to a globalist elite hegemony whose autocratic and unelected European commissioners dictate their future, economic and otherwise.

The internal squabbling that still rings in the House of Commons merely distracts from the larger reality, which is that it is much easier to bargain away one’s sovereignty than to try to retrieve it after the fact.

Esau sold his precious birthright to Jacob for a bowl of lentil stew and some bread. All his bitter tears could not restore it to him.

We in this country would do well to remember that hard-fought liberty must be diligently guarded and prized above tempting and convenient arrangements that promise wealth and security but deliver chains. Remember that when the next Democratic Socialist comes promising bread and circuses disguised as free stuff.

James R. Stein

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