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Editorial: We’ve already won

As you read this, the 2019 Stanley Cup finals will be four games complete. But as we wrote this, the series was tied – a win that came with a dramatic, overtime goal and which calls for a moment of reflection.

Everyone knows that the ultimate prize is Lord Stanley’s elusive chalice. Unbridled joy and euphoria will rule the day if our beloved Blues prevail at long last. Broken hearts and muttered curses will be in order if the final outcome denies us once again.

But make no mistake, tears will be shed in either victory or defeat.

Victory, and sometimes, defeat shapes our memories. The glorious memory of Doug Wickenheiser and the Monday Night Miracle, or Steve Yzerman and the gut-wrenching double overtime game seven loss to the villainous Detroit Red Wings. The Blues playoff history is littered with truly memorable moments, including far too many bad bounces and bitter fortunes.

But the true treasure bestowed upon Blues fans has little to do with the cup itself. No. That treasure is found in the moments, in our memories and in those with whom we share the experience – sitting like a coiled spring ready to explode with the next goal, erupting when the Blues pump one home or get the good bounce.

The true treasure is the high-five shared with friends and family. The instant connection between total strangers who have nothing in common aside from the winning ways of the local hockey team.

It’s having a shoulder to cry on and a friend who listens as anxiety pours out after a brutal loss. And cheering with wild abandon when the Blues win.

It’s also remembering those hockey fans not here to share this historic season with us.

Win or lose, this playoff season cannot disappoint. These chattels are the ultimate prize.

It is a roller coaster, this emotional bouillabaisse that makes up the championship round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Finally, all the marbles are on the table for our team to claim! But Blues Nation, we have already triumphed.

So enjoy it. Relish it. Embrace it. Appreciate it. Scream. Jump. Stamp your feet. Throw things at the TV. Hell, throw the TV. Most importantly, breathe!
Do what you do. Love it, live it. Play that song.

The angst, the hope, the vision, the dreams and tears of the season – heck, of the last half-century – are being rewarded. So, buckle up Blues fans and enjoy where this ride takes you.

Stanley meet Gloria. You’re going to love her.

• • •

We dedicate this editorial to
our late founder Doug Huber,
a die-hard Blues fan.

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