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O’Fallon Council to vote on indoor storage facility permit

At the May 23 meeting of the O’Fallon City Council, council member Mike Pheney [Ward 5], moved to table two bills until the June 13 meeting that would permit an indoor storage facility in O’Fallon Square.

Pheney’s justification for the move was to allow time for everyone to read and consider the brochure provided that evening by James Reid, of Storco Storage. The brochure  explained Storco’s plan for the property. Reid spoke during the citizen comments portion of the meeting, thus the additional information arose well after the bills’ first readings. The council approved Pheney’s motion.

Bill No. 7087 would rezone 25 O’Fallon Square from C2/General Business District to C3/Highway Commercial District.  Bill No. 7088 would grant a conditional use permit to operate an indoor storage facility within the O’Fallon Square property.

Passage would allow conversion of the larger of two existing buildings in O’Fallon Square to an indoor storage facility, which also would serve as nationwide headquarters for Storco Storage.  The second existing building on the property currently houses restaurants, a credit union, barber shop, dentist and a personal care service.

Second reading and final vote now is expected at the June 13 council meeting.

The site plan for the property, provided by Storco Storage.


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