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At Dardenne Prairie City Hall, the question to ask is ‘Where’s Kevin?’

“Kevin”  [Photo by John Tremmel]

Visitors to Dardenne Prairie City Hall might want to pay attention to a few unique sculptures in the main lobby, especially since city staff move them around from time to time.

The sculptures have been there since city hall was opened in the summer of 2009 and are part of Stream Trash Art [START].

START was conceived and promoted by Ralph Rollins, a landscape architect, environmentalist and artist as part of what then was called Operation Clean Stream [now known as Mission: Clean Stream]. Since 2007, a START event has been held in conjunction with every St. Charles County Greenways’ Mission: Clean Stream waterways cleanup operation.

In 2008, St. Charles County artist Joseph Farmer created the sculptures “River Bird” and “River Fish” from trash that was hauled from area streams by volunteers. The sculptures were acquired by the city and have been displayed at city hall ever since.

City hall staff gave the River Bird sculpture the nickname Kevin.  Depending on the time of year and especially the mood of the staff, Kevin moves around city hall.  Sometimes he is in a corner, the middle of the lobby, a back hallway, or next to the stairs to the second floor. So the next time you visit Dardenne Prairie City Hall, ask where Kevin is that day.

“River Fish” [Photo by John Tremmel]


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