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Previously rejected trucking terminal approved in O’Fallon

3000 E Terra Lane Building

3000 E. Terra Lane building

On May 9, the O’Fallon City Council voted 7 to 3 to approve an amended ordinance [Bill 7085.1] to allow a conditional use permit for Five Star Investments LLC to operate a trucking company at 3000 E. Terra Lane. The location would be used to dispatch semi-trucks from the location and park trucks on the site when not in use.

The amended ordinance was proposed by council member Mike Pheney [Ward5].

At its April 25 meeting, the council had voted 5 to 4,  with one member excused, to reject the original request.

During reconsideration discussions, objections and concerns included lack of clarity about how to enforce the prohibition on truckers sleeping at the site and on doing maintenance other than tire repair.  Concerns about the motor freight company not being a retail sales tax generator to benefit the city and that the “front door” to O’Fallon could have up to 60 unattractive semi-trucks parked there also were discussed.

During rebuttals, council members and the city attorney clarified that the site had previously had been used as a used car lot, a mobile home sales lot and a storage facility, all at O’Fallon’s western “front door.”  It was pointed out that none of those were particularly attractive and none were retail sales stores.

The amended ordinance includes new wording requiring posted signage that prohibits onsite sleeping and any maintenance other than tire repair on the premises.  It also prohibits parking or long-term storage of any trucks or trailers, derelict or otherwise.

The amended ordinance also includes a stipulation that city staff must present a review to the council in one year, covering the site’s actual usage and any complaints. At that time, the council could revoke the permit if there are violations of the permit’s conditions.


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