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Letter to the Editor: Jungermann Road frustration

Closure of lanes on Jungermann Road at Country Creek Drive in St. Peters has gone on far too long.

The delay seems to be caused by AT&T’s failure to relocate their copper and fiber cables. They were aware of the need to relocate these cables in August 2018, yet they claim to still be waiting for delivery of new cables. The city of St. Peters has asked AT&T to expedite their work because of the delays it is causing for the project and the impact it is having on the residents.

The weather has caused some delays, but come on, AT&T, it’s been over eight months and you’re still waiting on cable delivery.

Someone needs to compel AT&T to do their work and complete this project on one of St. Peters’ major thoroughfare as soon as possible. Work sunrise to sunset 7 days a week if necessary.

Bob Polkinghorne

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