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Route N to be renamed in Dardenne Prairie

A portion of St. Charles County’s Route N is on the verge of being renamed Town Square Avenue.

In an interview on April 30, Dardenne Prairie Economic Development Coordinator Doug Potts said St. Charles County Emergency Management already has approved the new name. He explained that the city’s next step is to “knock on doors and visit business owners and residents that will be affected by the name change, to inform them, answer any questions and address any concerns.”  Then, the formal process with the county will resume.

To change a street name, five steps are required. First, the St. Charles County Emergency Management Department [the entity responsible for dispatching 911 call response crews] must review and approve the proposed new name. This is to avoid any confusion for emergency responders. Second, the emergency management department mails a letter to all homes, businesses and institutions affected by the name change, providing a 15-day time period for any objections or concerns to be raised. Third, assuming no serious problems have been surfaced as a result of the letters, the go-ahead is given for the name change. Fourth, St. Charles County creates and provides new street signs to be installed in place of signs with the previous name. And finally, the county or city has the new signs installed.

“After the new signs are in place, up to a year could be needed to complete all other details regarding the new name, such as getting changes made at the post office, phone and business directories, websites, Google Maps, business stationery, etc.,” Potts said.

At a Business Roundtable Meeting in March 2019, Dardenne Prairie Mayor David Zucker had announced plans to rename Route N within city limits to “enable easier identification of business, institutional and residential addresses as being within Dardenne Prairie, instead of in surrounding municipalities.” Route N runs the entire width of St. Charles County.

The renaming of the thoroughfare is part of the city’s rebranding efforts, within its longer-term comprehensive plan.

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