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Letter to the Editor: A call to investigate Democrat candidates

I hear Russia or China have a secret dossier on one or more of the Democrat presidential nominees for president in 2020. It involves blackmail over salacious sexual activity involving an unnamed species, tax avoidance, gun running to Mexican drug cartels, and plans to sell 20% of America’s Armed Forces to our enemies.

It is vital that President Trump immediately instructs all of our intelligence services and the Justice Department to begin investigations into every Democrat candidate, their family members, anyone they have done business with, or went to school with. If the investigations uncover any crimes, whether related, or unrelated to these charges, the guilty parties must be made examples of, after they have given up the names of other Democrats who have ever done anything wrong.

This is not a partisan attack. It is with the same level of seriousness and sincerity that Democrats have exhibited for years. Understand, I’m not calling for “spying” on the Democrat candidates, that would be inappropriate. We all hate that word. We just need to make sure they aren’t traitors who only care about themselves, or if they have ever jay-walked. I’m sure they won’t mind.

After it is all over, I’m sure they would thank us for looking out for them. Plus, it’s not like we haven’t done this, before. The precedent has been set, right?

Terry M. Sater

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