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O’Fallon plans to improve Guthrie Road

Guthrie Road looking north


The city of O’Fallon plans to improve Guthrie Road between Mexico Road and Bluff Brook Drive.

Improvement plans include realigning a portion of the road near Deer Brook Drive to ease the severity of the curve at that location. Plans also include providing shoulders on the two-lane road, turn lanes at intersections, ADA-compliant [Americans with Disabilities Act] pedestrian facilities on the east side of the road, and signals at the intersection of Mexico and Guthrie.

At its meeting April 25, the O’Fallon City Council approved obtaining professional design services from Bax Engineering Company for the Guthrie Road Improvement Project planning. Service fees are not to exceed $184,836. Six firms had submitted statements of qualifications for this project, of which Bax was selected.

St. Charles County will fund 80% of the project costs, via the use of the county’s transportation sales tax [Road Board funding].

Design cost is $184,836, although that expense was budgeted at $170,000. To help reduce construction costs, the city has requested a concept plan with a few different optional alignments to minimize the amount of rock that will be removed while still using the existing right-of-way. That request resulted in the increased design cost but is expected to yield savings in the project’s construction phase.

Surdex Corp LiDAR photo of project area [BAX Engineering image]

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