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O’Fallon council to vote on MasterCard fencing request

MasterCard International headquarters

At its April 11 meeting, the O’Fallon City Council conducted a public comment session and a first reading for Bill No. 7084, sponsored by council member Dale Kling [Ward 3] that requests a conditional use permit to allow an 8-foot security fence around the entire MasterCard International property. Per zoning, the current maximum height allowed for a fence on the property is 6 feet, which is the height of the current fence. The second reading of the bill and a vote will be conducted at the next council meeting on April 25.

MasterCard International recently went through an external security audit by major banks and financial institutions with whom they do business. The audit concluded that the current 6-foot perimeter fencing, which does not enclose the entire MasterCard property, does not comply with banking and financial institution standards for adequate security.

MasterCard, through campus property owner Missouri Development Finance Board, has proposed to build an 8-foot security fence around the entire perimeter of the property to comply with those security standards. The existing 6-foot chain link fence will be removed and replaced. The proposed fence will be tubular steel along the front of the property and climb proof chain link around the remainder of the property.  Front fencing will be 8-foot decorative fencing with vertical bars, with the top of the bars curved outward to prevent climbing.  The front 8-foot fencing will have an overall appearance more in line with nearby business and residential areas.

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