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The beauty of seeking landscaping advice

Professional landscapers and garden shops can provide expert advice and guidance for all forms of plants, from sprawling yard to flower pots. [Pixabay Photo]

Landscaping is important. Like the clothes we wear every day, landscaping sends a message about our homes to the world and can be the basis for first impressions by neighbors and visitors. In addition to aesthetic, landscaping also can impact elements such as proper drainage [keeping foundations dry] and home security.

Save time and money

Landscapers and garden professionals can provide guidance in what plants will grow well in most environments, and most importantly, what plants and herbs flourish in Missouri and specifically, the St. Louis region.

The 2019 Plants of Merit list, provided annually by the Missouri Botanical Garden, is a good place to start. Do your own research at missouribotanicalgarden.org or ask a garden or landscape professional about choices that work best locally. From eggplants to overcut oak varieties, the list includes options for shrubs, trees and flowers. Many local garden shops stock Plants of Merit and can help homeowners choose wisely, saving them both time and money.

Gardens are meant to last. Plant experts can be invaluable in helping homeowners to select worry-free perennials as well as unique combinations such as planting herbs in flower beds or flowers in vegetable gardens – some have the added benefit of keeping pests away.

Garden shop owners and landscape professionals also will be most familiar with how certain plants react in drier environments, hopefully preventing mid-summer die-off of plants, shrub and seedlings.  As a necessary added benefit in West County, local garden shops and landscapers can help homeowners find plants that are potentially deer tolerant.

Organic safety upgrade

Some companies offer landscaping services that enhance home security. Landscaping professionals that specialize in security can examine properties properly and provide a review of features that could possibly dissuade unwelcome intruders. Examples include fence additions, trimming large trees that could lend access to upper windows or roofing, removing and replanting shrubs near the house that could serve as potential hiding places for intruders, adding outdoor lighting or motion sensors and more. Professional landscapers can help create a yard space that blends beauty with safety.

A professional second opinion

Yards are as different as homes and homeowners. When it comes to customizing one’s outdoor property, from what to plant in a garden to what trees will grow the safest, professionals can often offer advice based on factors like each yard’s individual soil make-up, grading and drainage. Also, because professional landscapers have to stand behind their work or have contracts to fulfill, there’s more reassurance that a job will be completed thoroughly than accepting advice via the internet or guide books.

Rock-solid connection

Once a landscaper works on a yard or garden and becomes familiar with a homeowner’s unique wants and needs, the more a professional will be prepared for any follow-up appointments or touch-ups that might be needed. In addition to the original project, professional landscapers can help pencil in regular maintenance to help make sure a freshly groomed yard continues to stay in good shape all spring and summer long.

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