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Students compete in Battle of the Books

Students from Castlio Elementary took first place in the “Battle of the Books” on April 5. [FHSD photo]

On April 5, fourth and fifth grade students across the 10 Francis Howell elementary schools battled each other in a friendly but intense game of trivia called “Battle of the Books.” The event, hosted by Independence Elementary, gathered some of the top readers from each school to participate.

Students who participated in the competition read all twelve of the Mark Twain Readers Award books earlier this year, including Joan Bauer’s “Soar” and Ann E. Burg’s “Unbound.” The trivia competition tested knowledge of the books and encouraged reading.

“I think it is an amazing opportunity to celebrate reading in this way,” said Independence Library Media Specialist Felicia Hinds-Thapa. “It’s really cool for them to see other students who also love reading. You have the opportunity to make new friends.”

After seven rounds and over 80 questions, Castlio Elementary captured first place, followed by Central Elementary in second and Warren Elementary in third.

“I was really happy that we won! We were stressed and were wondering if we were going to win,” Jessica H., Castlio student, said.

Another student, Avery P. from Independence, couldn’t keep her nose out of a book even during her break time. When asked why reading is important to her, Avery said, “It can give you a sense of what has happened in the past and what could happen in the future. It can take you to whole new worlds and help you deal with change and everything else.”

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