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O’Fallon Council hears update on city’s street maintenance program

At the March 28 City Council workshop, Engineering Senior Project Manager Tony Friedman provided an update on the city’s Annual Maintenance Programs for concrete, asphalt and crack sealing. He also highlighted the city’s pavement manual, which is available for anyone to view and download from the “Streets” link under “Public Works in the “Departments” drop-down menu on ofallon.mo.us.

O’Fallon residents can consult the manual to find a listing for any city street, in a table organized by ward, then alphabetically by street name. That listing shows the Pavement Condition Index [PCI] for every street in O’Fallon. That is important because the city uses PCI to prioritize repair and replacement of city streets and to determine the allocation of limited city funds for those repairs and replacements.

The PCI for all city streets was last updated in 2017 by the city itself. St. Charles County will do the next PCI update in 2019 for all streets in St. Charles County, including all city of O’Fallon streets. Results of that update will affect future priorities of O’Fallon’s road maintenance.

In general, the city focuses first on streets with PCIs of 70 and under, with exceptions made due to volume of traffic on certain high-volume arterial roads. In general, for residential streets the higher the PCI is above 70, the lower the priority will be for repairs or replacement.  However, the city says it does strive to do crack sealing where it will help prevent further deterioration of concrete.

O’Fallon’s 2019 street maintenance funding is $1.5 million for its concrete program, $1 million for its asphalt program and $175,000 for its crack seal program.

In the concrete manual, the city states that: “The roadways in the City of O’Fallon are the City’s most expensive single asset. Their worth is estimated to be more than $400,000,000.00. They are also one of the most important assets for the City, enabling travel for a majority of the residents and providing a means to access businesses in the area. As such, the maintenance and upkeep of these roadways is paramount to continued success and growth of the City of O’Fallon.”

In 2017, the city developed a strategic plan, to raise the overall PCI of city streets so that no more than 10% of the roadways are rated as having a PCI of less than 75.  The plan would have the city replace concrete slabs on a 30-year rotation [7,000 slabs annually], crack seal on a 5-year cycle [1.2 million feet of cracks annually], and overlay asphalt on a 12-year cycle [45,800 cubic yards annually].  Costs to achieve the plan’s goals range from $17 million to $27 million; however, current funding levels available to the city will not support those goals. Additional funding sources must be found before the city can come anywhere close to following the plan.

As of 2019, the following summarizes the makeup of O’Fallon city streets:

  • 3,428 street segments, defined from intersection to intersection
  • 457 asphalt street sections with ages ranging from 0 to 87 years and PCI ratings from 6 to 95
  • 2971 concrete street sections with ages ranging from 0 to 62 years and PCI ratings from 53 to 95

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