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O’Fallon now ready for Missouri medical marijuana roll-out

At its March 28 meeting, the O’Fallon City Council approved an ordinance for a medical marijuana land use plan. Specifically, the 10-page bill [bill #7077] amends Title IV: Land Use, Chapter 400 of the Zoning Code, to establish a medical marijuana land use within the city of O’Fallon. It was sponsored by council members Dave Hinman [Ward 1] and Jeff Kuehn [Ward 4].

The bill includes items such as medical marijuana cultivation, infused product manufacturing, product testing and medical marijuana dispensaries.

Among many other detailed requirements and restrictions, the bill places a maximum limit of 10 medical marijuana dispensaries in O’Fallon, based on mandated minimum distances from schools, churches and child day care centers. A map has been prepared that designates where those 10 can be located.

On June 1, the State of Missouri will make available applications for licensing and certification of medical marijuana facilities and for qualifying patient and caregiver identification cards. By August 2019, Missouri will begin accepting and processing those applications. After that, the city of O’Fallon will begin receiving applications for business licenses from proposed medical marijuana facilities.

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