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Dardenne Prairie environmental audit scheduled for April 16-18

At the April 3 Board of Aldermen workshop, City Engineer Luke Kehoe alerted Mayor David Zucker and the board about an upcoming routine audit of the city’s projects, monitoring of developer construction, and how the city responds to potential problems with water and environmental quality.

Kehoe explained that State of Missouri environmental auditors will be in the city April 16-18, accompanying city staff and observing as they do their jobs each day. Then, a report will be issued with the audit team’s findings and any recommendations it may have.

This is described as “routine” and is not being conducted due to any known problems.

As part of the Missouri Division of Environmental Quality, the Environmental Services Program performs field work, monitors sites as needed, collects samples, and provides laboratory testing for environmental pollutants. Its mission is to keep Missouri’s water and environment clean. One of the ways that happens is through periodic, routine audits of city engineering and public works departments. Dardenne Prairie was last audited by this group in 2013.

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