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Letter to the Editor: Good job, Mid Rivers Newsmagazine

To the Editor:

What a great article by Walter Williams [“Is income inequality fair,” Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, March 20].  You folks have to be patting yourselves on the back for selecting him as a contributor. It seems that the two most sensible writers of our time are both black men, Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell. Hoping you can explain that in a future editorial.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed your mathematics of elections and agree with your point of view.  We must pay better attention and get out and vote. 

Of course, the Cardinal Preview issue is always the best one of the year cause it’s about the Cardinals. I know, it will all depend on the pitching, but I think they will miss Matheny. If you ever had the privilege of attending Christian night at the ballpark, you know the man could pray, and right now our country needs good prayer warriors even more than good pitching!

Ken Weisenborn

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