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New police vehicles purchased in O’Fallon

At its March 14 meeting, the O’Fallon City Council approved a resolution authorizing the purchase of 11 new Ford Interceptor Utility Police Pursuit Vehicles [PPV] from Lou Fusz Ford for a total of $382,239. Based on the 2019 police budget, the approval also defacto authorizes planned and budgeted spending of an additional $197,755 for the build of the new vehicles to equip them for police use. Additions include items like an internal secure cage, sirens and lights. Of the 11 new vehicles, eight will be new patrol vehicles and three will serve as K-9 vehicles.

[City of O’Fallon photo]

At the end of 2018, the O’Fallon Police Department had a total of 78 police units. The new vehicles will replace 11 of the older vehicles with model years 2013, 2015 and 2016, and mileages ranging from 90,500 to 133,927. Those older vehicles will then be sold. The new vehicles will be Ford Utility [Explorer] PPVs with 3.3-liter V6 engines, 285 horsepower and a top speed of 131 mph. Lou Fusz Ford provided the best bid for the project, competing against one other local Ford dealer and a local Dodge dealer.

As part of the process, interviews were conducted with the Michigan State Police, the city of Maryland Heights and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department regarding experiences with similar vehicle options.

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