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O’Fallon rezoning Archdiocese land near St. Dominic High School

At its March 14 meeting, the O’Fallon City Council heard first readings of two bills [7075 and 7076] and held a public hearing related to the rezoning of Archdiocese-owned land parcels near St. Dominic High, on Elaine Drive and West Terra Lane. The bills were co-sponsored by Ward 5 councilmembers Mike Pheney and Debbie Cook.

The rezoning would change the current C-2 General Business and C-3 Highway Commercial zoning to R-1 Single Family Residential, with the parcels to be used for a new boulevard and two additional parking lots to support the school. The R-1 zoning is required in order for the school to use the land for these purposes. The intent is to provide another entry corridor for the high school, relieve traffic on Elaine and St. Dominic drives, and improve safety for students entering and exiting school property. The plans also include new lighting and fencing along the boulevard and lighting for the two new parking lots. No new buildings will be constructed.

A spokesperson for the Archdiocese project said homeowners’ concerns had been addressed with the attorney for the affected homeowners, and planned mitigation will include lighting that illuminates straight down instead of spreading, new fencing and new lines of trees to protect homeowners’ privacy.

Mayor Bill Hennessy said a final vote on the bills likely would come at the council’s March 28 meeting. He suggested that any additional concerns be addressed with Pheney and Cook prior to that vote.


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