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Dardenne Prairie approves City Park field improvements

Ball fields in Dardenne Prairie's City Park

Ball fields in Dardenne Prairie’s City Park

At its March 6 meeting, the Dardenne Prairie Board of Aldermen passed an ordinance to begin the process of renovating the baseball and softball fields in City Park.

Mayor David Zucker explained that the ball fields next to City Hall were built in the early 1950s entirely by volunteers and have been serving the community for nearly 70 years. The facility needs renovations and upgrades in order to continue supporting youth baseball within Dardenne Prairie, he said.

Work is planned to start in July and must be fully completed in time for the spring 2020 youth baseball season. Zucker emphasized that deadline to avoid having the city’s youth sign up for baseball in other nearby communities, never to return.

The ordinance authorizes the mayor to negotiate and execute a firm contract with professional design and engineering firm Archimages, Inc. with a preliminary cost of $76,000.

In late 2018, the board created a $564,000 placeholder in the 2019 budget for ball field renovations; the Archimages $76,000 contract will be part of that.

Zucker said the placeholder was just that and, in fact, the $564,000 total is viewed as perhaps optimistic. He committed to the board that when the actual total cost is known it will be brought back for discussion and approval.

Zucker said there might be some opportunity to keep close to the placeholder budget by carefully carrying some cost into early 2020 instead of assuming all of it in 2019, as long as the spring 2020 completion deadline is met.

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